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IP BUDDY+ camera test meter for quick and easy configuration of IP, TVI, CVI, AHD, SDI, and analog cameras. Saves time and effort by eliminating the need to continually aim, zoom, and focus.

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4MP IP fixed lens camera is perfect for use in environments where video surveillance discretion is required. Blends in nicely with darker ceilings, eaves, or overhangs.

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Video recorder with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) makes a copy of one disk to multiple disks for recovery purposes. Provides excellent protection against video loss.

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Grow your security video business

Connect with SecurityTronix and employ our resources to help improve how you quote, install, and support your customers. Detailed customer service is the key ingredient to our unique approach to more profitable sales and business growth.

Instantly add experience and know-how

Immediately make yourself more competitive by allowing us to share experience, tools, and strategy to with your team. From industry insights, to up-to-date technical information, we’re prepared to offer assistance to help expand your business and prepare you to compete for larger contracts.

Are you ready to grow your business?

We are more than a simple parts supplier – We design project-based solutions. If you are looking to diversify your security offerings, raise volume and revenue, stay on the cutting edge of surveillance technology; then you have found the right industry partner in SecurityTronix.

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Why Partner with SecurityTronix?

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  • More than a parts supplier

    We work with you to understand your project needs and assist with insight and solutions to create a custom bill of materials for your project. Our team is available to assist from the site survey, to the delivery of equipment, to any technical assistance required at any stage of the process.

  • We have tools to support your team

    The SecurityTronix team is here to support your team from initial meeting and describing equipment applications, to designing a bill of materials and delivery of a quote. We will help your salespeople understand the various elements of a system and ensure they are delivering a solution that meets the needs of your client—not just deliver a pile of equipment!

  • Land larger, more complex projects

    We are prepared to help you in every way to successfully compete on larger scale contracts. Feel free to target larger, multifaceted projects requiring expert installation support. Our award winning technical support team has your back 24x7x365.

  • Our reputation becomes your reputation

    Let us help build your team’s reputation for service, support and quality so you may bid, win, and support larger contracts. Building your brand will help you consistently win projects over your competitors.

We Help You in Many Ways

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  • Bid on Larger Contracts

  • Win More Contracts Overall

  • Better Align to Customer Needs

  • Capture Upsell Opportunities

  • Expand Sales for Existing Customers

  • Engage Customers with Detailed Product Knowledge

Turn Your Salespeople into Customer Service Superstars

Introducing System Advisor

Your Security Salesperson’s Secret Weapon

How do you get your sales team to transition from “equipment” sales to “solution” sales? How do you help them probe for upsell opportunities that can add 25% or more to your deal sizes? How do you arm them with the knowledge to explain the benefits of the industry’s leading equipment systems which they might not have ever seen in person? And how do you get them to convince a customer that they’re offering a well-rounded solution that meets that customer’s needs? With the ultimate sales-enablement tool for the CCTV industry—the new secret weapon on the security sales scene—System Advisor from SecurityTronix.

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Hear from Our Happy Customers

If all of my vendors could be as efficient and accurate, my life would be so much easier!”

– K Tronics

“They are always willing to work with us with a very helpful and pleasant attitude. These folks are professional!”

– Golden Gate Satellite TV

“I have been using SecurityTronix products for a few years with great success! SecurityTronix support is always available!”

The Sound Station

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Is SecurityTronix Right for Your Business?

It’s the right question to ask and we want to know too. Are you right for us?  

We’re looking for a few companies out of thousands in the industry that really understand that customer service is the future. Companies that are focused on changing their reputation, growing in the market–and have some incentive to grow. If that’s not you, we shouldn’t talk.

We’re not looking for people who are simply looking for parts. We want people who understand that success in this industry is no longer about parts and the lowest cost, but rather about delivering solutions that meet customers’ needs, and solve their problems.

The difference between average companies selling piles of camera system parts, and industry-leading companies who are closing the best and biggest deals, getting the highest profits, building reputations for quality and success is…customer service.

See for yourself.  Take the SecurityTronix Challenge.

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