Observe, recognize and identify in COLOR with New Chroma Technology

Discover how state-of-the-art Chrome technology allows you to experience crystal-clear and highly-detailed footage, regardless of the time of day

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SecurityTronix Chroma technology is able to achieve 24/7 color night vision capturing color images or videos in low-lit locations, while a standard IR camera would automatically shift to black and white mode when lighting conditions are extremely low. SecurityTronix Chroma technology is able to achieve this because of advanced lenses, high-performance sensors and built-in LED light providing excellent color images. 

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Supplemental Light Off
Conventional 4 MP Camera
(IR LED off)
4 MP Chroma Series Camera
(Warm-light LED off)
Supplemental Light On
Conventional 4 MP Camera
(IR LED on)
4 MP Chroma Series Camera
(Warm-light LED on)

SecurityTronix Chroma color technology is a cutting-edge innovation in the field of video surveillance systems that allows cameras to capture color footage around the clock. This technology offers several benefits over traditional black and white cameras, including:

  • Improved Visibility: With 24/7 color technology, video footage is much more detailed and provides a greater level of visibility in low-light conditions, making it easier to identify objects and people in the frame.

  • Enhanced Identification: By capturing color images, surveillance cameras can more accurately identify individuals and objects, including facial features, clothing, and vehicle colors. This can help in investigations and evidence gathering.

  • Deterrence: The presence of color surveillance cameras can be more effective in deterring criminal activity, as the visibility of the cameras is more prominent, and the footage is more compelling.

  • Better Depth Perception: The ability to capture color images provides better depth perception, making it easier to distinguish between different objects and identify their location and distance from the camera.

Overall, 24/7 color technology is a significant advancement in video surveillance systems that enhances visibility, identification, deterrence, and depth perception, providing a more effective and reliable means of monitoring and securing premises.

Traditional Cameras vs. Chroma Series Cameras

IP Chroma Technology Key Features

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HDoC Chroma Technology Key Features​

Chroma Camera features also include: 120dB true wide dynamic range (WDR), high light compensation (HLC), 3D digital noise reduction (3D DNR) and back light compensation (BLC). With IP66/IP67 weather-proof housings and working temperature of -22 to +140°F, these cameras are perfect for indoor/outdoor use.

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