Install Video Surveillance?

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Learn how you can get a FREE IP Buddy+ ALL-IN-ONE Test Meter with 7″ Monitor (a $795 value!)

We’ve helped many dealers and distributors take advantage of special programs that enabled them to get this amazing time-saving tool for FREE. To learn more, and to see if you qualify, complete the form below.


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IP Buddy+ Test Meter Features Include:

  • Quickly and easily identify, configure, and troubleshoot IP, TVI, CVI, AHD, SDI, and Analog Cameras

  • Saves valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to continually aim, zoom, and focus.

  • PoE Testing – ability to test proper PoE port output on your switch.

  • Network Bandwidth Test – measures the available bandwidth of a network.

  • Ping Testing – quickly determine if network node is online and reachable.

  • Built in WiFi – allows you to wirelessly connect to the LAN for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes.

  • IP Address Scan – provides a list of addresses being used on the network.

  • Built-in DHCP – provides DHCP addressing capabilities when server or router is not yet on-site.

  • Packet Tracing – determine packet bounces across nodes in network topology.
  • Wifi Analyzer – shows detailed report of detected wireless networks (signal strength, channel occupancy, LAN, access point details)

  • Dual NIC – dual LANs, port 1 doubles as PoE out, port 2 doubles as PSE in, both ports TDR

  • New Toner Wand – double LED, detects cable type (cross over/straight), detects port speed (10/100/1000)

  • Higher Capacity Battery – 7500mAh

  • DC24V Output – test DC power of surveillance cameras over long cable runs.

  • Video Bandwidth/Storage Calculator – perform HDD/network calculations for storage/system design

  • Easy Link Monitor – perform loopback/utilization tests, observe unicast/broadcast/multicast traffic

  • Field of View – FOV calculator

Tech Support Included with
Every IP Buddy+ Meter

  • Each meter includes a 1-on-1 30-minute phone training session scheduled at your convenience
  • We’ll make sure you get your cameras to connect
  • Ongoing advice and support for all the apps