Las Vegas — SecurityTronix SYSTEM ADVISOR receives major feature update — Today, SecurityTronix proudly announces a major upgrade to its SYSTEM ADVISOR CCTV quote tool. The SYSTEM ADVISOR is the first of its kind mobile application to aid in designing, showcasing, and promoting surveillance system sales while in the field. The feature loaded app is a self-contained database of CCTV surveillance resources, best practices, and now features a fully interactive site survey.

The SecurityTronix SYTEM ADVISOR raises the bar for customer satisfaction and system design efficiency, leading to quicker and more effective sales. The app is mobile and desktop cross-platform-friendly and compatible with Android phones and tablets, iOS phones, iPads, and Windows 10 desktops and laptops.

The SYSTEM ADVISOR features include:

  • Real-World Examples – Customers can observe, recognize and identify what images and video will look like in residential and commercial settings through the app. Dealers can also demonstrate key analytics, such as motion detection, to help customers make educated decisions regarding system requirements.
  • Pick and Click – Customers can select cameras, images, comparisons, and spec sheets directly within the app.
  • Library of Resources – The SYSTEM ADVISOR provides installers with an extensive collection of tools including an interactive site survey, HDD storage calculator, dealer price sheets, full catalog, and more. Instant access to the award winning SecurityTronix sales and live 24/7/365 technical support is also just a tap away.

Interactive Site Survey – Another first from SecurityTronix

Today the System Advisor app received a major feature addition of an interactive site survey. This enhancement is designed to increase efficiency and accuracy when quoting CCTV systems. The site survey runs on both mobile devices and Windows 10 desktop computers, so access in the field is simple. Simply select the responses to questions regarding the site, and submit the survey when done. SecurityTronix Sales Engineers will review the information and provide a complete bill of materials (BOM) for the project.

SecurityTronix Sales Manager, Jennifer Kern explains the importance of the app, “Frontline feedback from installers across the industry indicated the need for a series of tools to aid in a variety of situations. HDD storage is a critical calculation in CCTV system design, but what about focal lengths, prosecutable imaging, or site survey tools? We created this platform after scouring the market for a solution and coming up empty”. Kern continues, “Instead of creating a different app for each task, we created a single comprehensive app. Installers can compare ideas with customers, then complete and submit a survey to SecurityTronix design to develop a complete bill of materials”.

Kern says her enthusiasm is matched by an influx of requests for access to the SYSTEM ADVISOR app by CCTV sales teams and installers looking to streamline their processes.

Senior SecurityTronix sales associate Chris Smith believes the SYSTEM ADVISOR will modernize sales and support. “The CCTV industry evolves rapidly between technology and increased competition every day. Our SYSTEM ADVISOR app provides critical resources to ensure best practices and system optimization”. Smith elaborated, “Installers demonstrating various camera and recorder features during site evaluation to end users adds tremendous value. A customer can now see clear video examples illustrating motion detection or field of view, for example, and decide what solution best fits their needs. This experience is something only SecurityTronix can offer.”

Just the beginning

According to the SecurityTronix creative team, the structure of the SYSTEM ADVISOR is modular and designed with the goal of being able to push out updated information at any time. This ensures users always have the latest price lists, site survey forms, spec sheets, visual examples of real-world situations, special sale incentives, catalogue, and more. The app automatically checks for updates each time it is launched and gives the user the option to update or ignore until a more convenient time. This is just the beginning of a new step into the future of SecurityTronix.

SecurityTronix is currently accepting requests for app users. Please contact your SecurityTronix distributor or sales rep today for more information.
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Press contact:

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