SecurityTronix Online CCTV Site Survey – A unique approach to quoting a CCTV system Bill of Materials

Las Vegas — SecurityTronix Online Site Survey Today, SecurityTronix announced immediate availability of its new online CCTV Site Survey to all SecurityTronix dealers. The updated site survey provides a concise medium to deliver critical information regarding CCTV installation projects. Once delivered, the form will be reviewed by SecurityTronix Sales Engineers, who will design a comprehensive bill of materials from cameras to connectors.

Speeding Things Along

SecurityTronix Sales Technical Support Specialist Samantha Burston states, “This survey is a practical time savings advantage for our customers. There are three steps to this process: Survey, design, and installation. We resolve the entire second step so your team can focus on the next stage or project.”

CCTV Sales Engineer Chris Smith emphasizes, “We feel there is a significant value delivered to our customers to have an additional set of trained eyes review a project. Give us essential details and requirements, and our team will quickly prepare a complete BOM, without obligation.”

Click the link below to put the site survey into action. Authorized SecurityTronix dealers will typically receive a bill of materials within one business day. All others are welcome to explore the survey, and reach out to SecurityTronix to register as a dealer so we may collaborate on proposals, and deliver equipment for your projects.