STGO2 Cloud/P2P Mobile App Installation and Setup - Part 1


SecurityTronix would like to proudly introduce STGO2—our proprietary Cloud/P2P mobile app that allows you to connect to your NVR or DVR from anywhere in the world. In the past your only option was to utilize port forwarding to connect remotely to your recorder. Now you can simply use the STGO2 mobile app to connect and view all of your SecurityTronix recorders remotely through the Cloud. 

The STGO2 mobile app has some very useful and convenient features that help with on-the-go access and viewing of your security system. With features like playback, sharing devices with other accounts, and even push notifications for motion events, the STGO2 mobile app will help keep your business or home secure while you are away. 

The STGO2 mobile app also gives you the ability to view your camera feeds LIVE for immediate assurance.  You can even add multiple recorders to the same account and view them all live simultaneously. In addition, the playback feature will allow you to go back to review events you may have missed right from your phone. Furthermore, you can set up this app to send notifications to your phone for live event updates. 

In addition, you can share your device from your account with other accounts. If you have others that need access to your live feeds you can simply share any connected devices with them. You can even choose which recorder or cameras they can see before sharing.

Android / IOS Store

You can download the STGO2 mobile app from the App Store (IOS – Left Image) and/or the Google Play store (Android – Right Image)

Creating Account / Adding Devices

When the app is finished downloading you can open STGO2, select your Region, and select “Login”

Now you can select “Register” to create an account using your Email or Phone Number. Review and agree to the Terms of Service before proceeding to the account creation process.

Select a mobile number or email address to link to your account, and to use for logging in.

When you select an email or phone number you will be sent a security code once you select “Get Security Code”. This code will be emailed or texted to you depending on your choice (Email/Phone). Enter the Security code you receive and select “Next” and you will be prompted to create a password.

Once you have entered an acceptable password you will be brought to the “Home” Screen, and this will mean your account is successfully created. You can now start adding and sharing devices!

There are a few ways to add your device(s). Firstly, you can select “Add Device” and this will bring up the QR code scanner. You will scan the QR code from the “Platform Access” page in the interface of your recorder (Left Image).

You can also manually add the device by selecting the “+” symbol on the top right-hand corner of the home screen. This will bring you to the “Add Device via serial number” screen. Enter the recorder’s serial number and select the “floppy disc” symbol to add.

Next, you will be prompted to “Add” the device from the serial number you entered. Select “Add” and you will be prompted to then enter the “Verification code” or move on to the “Adding Completed” screen.

Once you see the “Adding Completed” you may now select “Next” to continue. The next screen will allow you to rename the device if you desire. Once you are ready select “Save” or “Skip”.

You have now successfully added your device to your account for remote viewing from anywhere you can bring your phone!

Live View

Now that you have your device(s) added you can access the live feeds, and playback video from the home page.

There are two settings for the Home page live viewing. At the top of the screen, you will see three icons on the left-hand side. The square icon in the middle will change your home screen between “Mini Views” and “List Views”.

The Image above is the “Mini View” which will display miniature views of your cameras. Tap on one of the views to bring up “Full Screen” mode. If you have “Stream Encryption” enabled in the “Platform Access” page of your recorder, you will have to enter the “Verification Code” you have created in the “Platform Access” page as well.

The images below are the “List View” which will list your cameras under your added device(s). You select or highlight the listed cameras and they will populate into mini “Live View” window. If you have “Stream Encryption” enabled in the “Platform Access” page of your recorder, you will have to enter the “Verification Code” you have created in the “Platform Access” page as well. You may also tap on the mini “Live View” window and you will be brought to the “Fullscreen” mode.

“Recent Live View” will bring you to the most recent camera feed you were viewing.

The Hexagon icon to the right of your device(s) is the settings tab. In the “Settings” you can rename your added device(s), hide or show listed cameras, enable notifications, check your HDD Status, check Firmware, and enable / disable streaming encryption. See images below for examples.

Renaming device(s) and Show/Hide listed cameras.
Enabling notifications and checking HDD status.

The “Fullscreen” view allows you to see one or more of your cameras live, and also has some great features. These features include: stream type (SD or HD), digital zoom, screenshotting live video, recording live video clips, controlling PTZ cameras, pausing live video, and playback of recorded video.


The playback feature can be accessed two ways. You can search specific dates/times by selecting the far-left icon with the “play” symbol at the top. You can also access the playback of the camera you are live streaming from the “Fullscreen” view in the app. If you access playback from the “Fullscreen” view you will not have to search dates / times.

Once you select the date / time of the playback you desire, you will be able to view recorded video. You will be view multiple playbacks simultaneously of your cameras. You can also pause, screenshot, record video clips, and use digital zoom while viewing your camera’s playback video.

Sharing Device

If you would like others to have access to your live feeds you can do so by simply sharing your device with other accounts. Under “More” at the bottom right-hand corner of the home screen, you will see the option “Manage Sharing Settings”. Select this, and you will see “Share Device” at the bottom of your screen.

You can share your device via QR code scanner or entering the mobile number / Email address the user set up his account with.

At the top enter the user’s email / phone number, and tap “Add Recipient”. This will bring you to the next screen where you can confirm and add any remarks in regards to the account you are sharing the device with.

Once you confirm, you will now be able to select the account under “History Recipient” that you would like to share with. Tap “Next” at the bottom, and this will bring you to the next screen where you select the device(s) / specific camera feeds that you would like to share.

Once you are finished selecting the devices you want to share, you can also modify the “Permissions”. This means you can choose what the account you are sharing with has access to: playback, PTZ controls, etc. Once you select “Finish” this will complete the process of sharing your device.

The QR code scanner can also be used to share devices. Select “Share via QR Code” and choose the device you want to share. Once you choose the device, select “Next” and you will be given a QR code for the other account user to scan. 

The recipient will now select “Scan QR Code”. This will bring up the scanner, and you will now scan the provided QR Code. Now select “Apply for Sharing”, and you will see a prompt that will send a “Sharing Request” once you tap “OK”.

The owner of the account sharing the device will now check their home page for the request. You will see the request at the top of your page. Tap on the request, and choose the permissions / cameras you would like to share.

Once you are done selecting the permissions / cameras, tap “Finish” at the bottom of your screen. You may now select “Accept” and this will complete the sharing process via QR Code scanner. 

This concludes Part 1 of the STGO2 bulletin. We hope this guide has been informative and please stay tuned for the next STGO2: Mobile App bulletin. We will go more in-depth with some of the main features and cover other functions as well! If you have any questions about any SecurityTronix product, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

SecurityTronix Support Line: (610) 429-0334
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