CCTV Storage Calculator

Please enter the number of cameras, recording quality, frame rate per second, and hours of recording per day below. Results are automatically displayed in the table below.

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How many days will I get out of different hard drive sizes?


All SecurityTronix HD-COAXINATOR / CVI cameras record at 720P HD resolution, which is 1280 x 720 pixels. This high definition picture increases the chance of identifying people, license plates etc, compared to traditional analog CCTV which has a maximum recording resolution of 720 x 480.

SecurityTronix recommends using the highest RECORDING QUALITY setting, which is 6. Lowering the RECORDING QUALITY will make it more difficult to distinguish details in the recorded video. If more recording time is desired, we recommend lowering the FRAME RATE. Setting the frame rate to 24 appears just as smooth as a movie at a theater. Settings of 18 ~ 20 are a good balance of smooth video and HDD efficiency. Using MOTION DETECTION also increases HDD time capacity*.

*NOTE: ALL storage calculators are approximate, as there are many variables which affect the actual results. One of the most overlooked variables is the amount of activity which the camera sees. When there is little motion and activity in the camera’s view, the compression is more efficient and the HDD use decreases. The more motion on-camera, the more HDD space is used. This calculator uses HIGH motion at ALL TIMES to calculate HDD usage. Most users will in fact get MORE time out of a hard drive than stated here in this calculator, as most users do not have high motion in front of a camera 24 hours each day. These results are for approximate HDD sizing only. Always check to see how much recording time you get from your recorder and adjust settings as needed to achieve the desired amount of backup in your recorder.