System Advisor

Your Sales Team’s Secret Weapon

What is the System Advisor?

The bottom line as to whether you get a job over a competitor comes down to how well you’re able to prove to that customer that you will be delivering a solution that meets their needs and addresses the issues and concerns they have in their business.

You’re not just trying to sell them a pile of cameras—you’re helping them solve problems—problems like security concerns, monitoring high traffic areas and high value areas, or even safeguarding against liability issues like insurance claims that take place in their currently-unmonitored stairwells.

So how do you get your sales team to transition from “equipment” sales to “solution” sales? How do you help them probe for upsell opportunities that can add 25% or more to your deal sizes? How do you arm them with the knowledge to explain the benefits of the industry’s leading equipment systems which they might not have ever seen in person? And how do you get them to convince a customer that they’re offering a well-rounded solution that meets that customer’s needs?

With the ultimate sales-enablement tool for the CCTV industry—the new secret weapon on the security sales scene—System Advisor from SecurityTronix.

  • Survey every job and spec the right equipment the first time!
  • Have all of the right equipment, wiring and accessories on site at the start of every job
  • Educate the customer with video feed samples of typical installations – sell more cameras, provide better coverage!
  • No more drywall patching – install every camera in the right location the first time!
  • No more guessing how much storage is needed!  Calculate actual storage needs in an instant.
  • Need on-the-job-help, one touch access to SecurityTronix experts!

“An educated customer buys more of the right cameras to protect their property.”

System Advisor Helps Your Sales Team Capture Upsell Opportunities


System Advisor is the ideal sales companion delivering tools to support your sales presentation, capture high quality and complete site surveys, and drive toward upsell opportunities.  Show your customer that you know the equipment and can make informed suggestions that will help them achieve their goals.


Our step-by-step Site Survey tool lets you capture a complete and accurate assessment of the potential system requirements for your specific job–including optional added equipment that helps address the customers’ baseline needs.


System Advisor helps you suggest the right equipment for the job–the first time, every time.  So when ready, all equipment, wiring and accessories arrive on site and enable you to install without problems or the need for quick resupply trips across town.


The handy and easy-to-use Storage Calculator quickly gives you an accurate forecast of the amount of data storage the customer will need to accommodate their security monitoring needs and goals.  With a few simply clicks, you get fast answers right down to the last Megabyte.


Educate the customer with actual video feed samples of typical installations.  This helps you quickly convey the true differences of types of camera roles–from observing to recognizing to identifying.  Seeing these differences first hand helps customers make good decisions–and helps you sell more cameras that provide better coverage!


System Advisor is a wealth of knowledge in your hands.  It’s like having a complete demonstration and sales presentation platform ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Show your customer different types of equipment and their varying roles, and provide them peace of mind that they’re buying from someone who knows what’s best for their goals.

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