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UltimatePro Series – The Ultimate Safeguard in Video Surveillance
Enterprise Grade NVR with RAID Protects Against Loss of Data

(Las Vegas, NV, May 3, 2019)  – Today, SecurityTronix proudly announces the UltimatePro series of high performance large data storage Network Video Recorders with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), ideal for any environment where server level performance, advanced features and data retention are critical and data losses due to hard drive failure is simply unacceptable. The models support up to 128 cameras, advanced analytics, real-time live view up to 4K resolution, and video playback of up to 20 channels simultaneously.

RAID – why it’s important

Now, let’s talk about RAID! To truly understand the concept we need to first look at how typical surveillance systems store their video: in most instances, recorders will fill up their hard drives with information until it is full, at which point it will stop recording, alert the operator, or overwrite the oldest files. This works in many applications, but in the event the hard drive suffers a failure that information is entirely lost. With a high capacity RAID system, you can configure your hard drives in various ways depending on the amount of storage, performance and the other needs of the project for preserving data in the event of hard drive failure, ensuring the retention of valuable video files. Our 24/7, 365 days a year US-based support team is here to help you configure and design the right system to meet your specific needs.

UltimatePro NVR Series benefits include:

  • Enterprise Server Level Performance – Unlike standard performance processors in most NVR’s, the UltimatePro NVR has a high grade processor for rendering a large number of video feeds simultaneously.

  • High Camera Volume – Supports up to 128 cameras with 512 Mbps incoming bandwidth, ideal for hotels, casinos, airports, malls, and other commercial applications.

  • Video Content Analytics – Line crossing, face detection, object placement/removal, and more provide configurable intelligent recording options.

  • System Stability – Hot Swappable HDD design provides convenient HDD installation and maintenance, Dual-OS (Operating System) ensures stable operation in the event of OS failure, ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) automatically restores video data from IP Cameras storage following temporary interruption of connectivity.

  • Massive Storage Capacity – Supports HDD total up to 160 TB, ideal for applications requiring 24/7 recording schedules or extended video retention times, such as schools, banks, and hospitals.


“End-users may not even be aware that a hard drive has failed until an incident has occurred, and they go to review playback of the recording only to find that data has been lost forever,” said Jennifer Kern, SecurityTronix Brand Manager. “With RAID on your side, recorded information can be stored and safeguarded across multiple disks, keeping your valuable data safe.”

Kern continues, “Our expertise is in designing systems for large projects, using our team of knowledgeable staff who are trained and certified to help with each unique video surveillance application. With the UltimatePro series of NVR’s, integrators can now confidently provide secure video recording, stability and reliability to their customers on a large scale with a team who will be there to assist with both pre and post-sale support.”

SecurityTronix is a manufacturer of video surveillance equipment and test and measurement instrumentation for integrators throughout the USA. We specialize in value added services such as complete system design so integrators can deliver solutions in the most efficient and comprehensive manner.


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